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Welcome to Chiropractic in Latvia
Freeing your body from fixations
  • Konsultācija, mugurkaula stāvokļa pārbaude un Kiropraktiskā Korekcija.

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    50 eiro
  • Mugurkaula stāvokļa uzlabošana - Kiropraktiskā Korekcija.

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    40 eiro
  • IZMANTOJOT KIRO 5 : 35€ Pieci apmeklējumi ar priekšapmaksu: 175€

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  • IZMANTOJOT KIRO 10 : 33€ Desmit apmeklējumi ar priekšapmaksu: 330€

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Chiropractic improves the function of your spine and body by correcting spinal and extremity fixations with a precise impulse to the bones, correcting the position of spinal and other joints: "the Chiropractic Adjustment".


Spinal fixations are backbones (vertebrae) which have lost their normal movement, which is a cause of back and neck pain and many other clinical symptoms.

What your qualified Chiropractor in Riga may help with:

  • Acute or Chronic Back and Neck pain

  • Headache and migraines

  • Jaw joint (Temporal-mandibular joint) problems  

  • Arm or leg referred pain

  • Scoliosis

  • Musculoskeletal pain syndromes

  • Sacro-Illiac joint dysfunction / Hip conditions 

  • Prevention of Hip arthritis

  • Piriformis syndrome / Sciatica 

  • Cervical or Lumbar Radiculopathy syndrome with arm or leg radiation
    caused by Disc Herniation (slipped disc) 

  • Knee problems / Patellar femoral pain syndrome / Runners knee

  • Shoulder conditions 

  • Prevention of Cervical and Lumbar Stenosis and in some cases improvement of the condition

  • Concentration problems

  • Balance problems / Tinnitus / Dizziness

  • Pregnancy related back pain

  • Crying babies, Colic babies

  • Bed wetting for children​

  • Many other conditions



Everybody who comes to our practice receives a Consultation and a traditional Chiropractic Adjustment according to Gonstead method





Years of clinical experience

Given Adjustments to individuals

Average count of one full spinal and extremities Adjustment

Total amount of single Adjustments

Publication about Chiropractic

What is Chiropractic? Chiropractic is an on medicine based method which has its roots in the west. This method includes muscular-skeletal and nervous system improvement with the goal to renew the balance of the spine...

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